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Knightsbridge London

Duration of Project : 30 weeks

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This project was a large high end residential project located in Knightsbridge which had 4no. upper floors and 2no. large basement areas which had been excavated and refurbished as part of the overall contract.

This was an unusual project in that another project team had started the project and were approximately 1/3 of the way through when they ran in to difficulties.

A new project team were employed and as part of this new team CBL had to firstly conduct a survey of what cabling had been installed and also check that it was installed correctly. We found that approximately 1/3 of the project had been wired and this wiring serving lighting, power, AV and security had to be adapted or renewed to suit the clients new requirements.

The project was completed on time and within budget and because of all the hard work tracing and testing all existing cabling no problems whatsoever occurred when we powered the system up.

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