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Anthropologie Flagship Store / Regents St

Project Size: 1,296 sq ft.

Project Value: £350K

Duration of Project : 16 weeks

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This was the clients first Anthropologie store to be built outside of the U.S.

The store and installation for this project covers 4 no. levels and was extremely difficult due to the tight time-scale.

One of the complexities of this project was that approximately 1/3 of the floor plan was taken up with a new bespoke staircase which was measured, designed and installed during the project. Due to the late installation of the staircase many of the ceilings could only be completed in the last couple of weeks.

This required CBL to implement a shift system of night and day working to achieve the completion date. The project also required a lighting system which was accessed by a complex winch system all located above the staircase and which again was measured, designed and all installed within the project time frame.

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